7 reasons to use LinkedIn

Marketing with social media is standard in real estate.

Door knocking and mailers have gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Facebook and Twitter generate leads.

LinkedIn is sometimes underutilized, it shouldn't be.

LinkedIn offers tons of information for real estate agents and a new platform for publishing content.

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LinkedIn can help you learn about the industry.

LinkedIn has a page dedicated to real estate agents:

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Find the top companies, the most attended universities, the median salary, and more.

largest real estate markets and the top real estate agent profiles.

Look for jobs

LinkedIn's industry statistics.


A quality LinkedIn profile will help build credibility as it is standard for any real estate professional or anybody trying to get business or find a job for that matter.

Virtually unlimited space to describe yourself, your skills and your background.

upload your business logo and photo and customize a header image.

LinkedIn is great for networking, especially for real estate.

LinkedIn can help you connect with leads, not just other agents.

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People in your community who consistently interact with those looking to buy or sell property ie lawyers, lenders, financial planners, tax service providers, or any organization that provides relocation assistance, Connect with them!

The next time they come across someone needing a real estate agent, your name is more likely to come up.


LinkedIn allows members to join or create groups.

LinkedIn has a vibrant community of niche groups, including real estate.

Search out groups that interest you beyond real estate.

This will give you new places for ideas.

Start your own group and be a leader. This can boost your professional credibility and make you an essential resource within the community.

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Many people approach LinkedIn like a resume, this is selling yourself short.

LinkedIn allows for regular updates with photo and video.

This is a great place for real estate agents to promote listings, blog posts, articles, and other relevant information.

If you think it can be helpful to your clients post it on your LinkedIn page.


By placing a LinkedIn share button on your website, you can encourage your leads to share listings with their friends.

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Having LinkedIn also will help you receive recommendations and endorsements.

Whenever you have a positive interaction with clients, colleagues or anybody professionally related ask for a LinkedIn recommendation.

This is one of LinkedIns most powerful tools to get business.

This is one of the easiest lead generation tools for real estate agents.

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