Michigan Real Estate Exam Info


Qualifying Education:
90 clock hours of approved coursework required within 36 months of application, unless licensed continuously.

Examination administered by Applied Measurement Professionals

at least 3 years full time experience as a real estate salesperson, or equivalent experience(Rule 205).

Continuing Education
6 clock hours every renewal cycle

An applicant for a broker license must meet all requirements for licensure before submitting an application to the Department. License application forms are mailed to successful exam candidates with their passing score notification. An application must verify required real estate experience and successful completion of all required education. Some applicants will be required to provide other documentation depending upon their background, e. g. all applicants must possess good moral character; applicants who currently hold, or have ever held a real estate license in another state or jurisdiction must submit a current letter of good standing from each regulatory entity.

An individual may be licensed as either an Individual Broker, which denotes operation as a sole proprietorship, or as an Associate Broker, an individual who qualifies as a broker but is licensed to a Broker or another broker entity type, LLC, partnership, corporation broker. If Individual Brokers are using a business name (e.g., John Doe d.b.a. Doe Realty), an assumed name certificate must be obtained from the county clerk's office and filed with the application. An Associate Broker cannot operate with an assumed name. If the broker's license will be held by an entity, at least one owner or principal must apply for an Associate Broker's license to that broker. The Department has a brochure entitled "Your Real Estate Broker License Application -- An Applicant's Guide" (BCS/LRE-035) – to assist applicants through this process.


Qualifying Education:
40 clock hours of approved real estate fundamentals Examination.

administered by Applied Measurement Professionals

Experience needed:

Continuing Education:
6 clock hours every renewal cycle

An applicant for a real estate salesperson license must be 18 years of age and have successfully completed education and examination requirements required by the Occupational Code, PA 299 of 1980, as amended.

A real estate salesperson license can only be issued if a complete application, with fee and broker's signature, is received by the department. Other requirements include: "good moral character", a current letter of good standing from states in which the applicant currently holds, or has ever held, a real estate license.