Understanding Ad Structure

Before you begin creating your first advertisement, let's talk about how Facebook will organize these ads. Facebook organizes advertisements into three levels: campaigns, ad sets, and the ads themselves. This structure makes it easier for you to organize, optimize, and measure the performance of your ads.

At the very top, we have the campaign. This is essentially our objective. For example, we may have a campaign to drive clicks to a website or a campaign to increase likes to a Facebook page.

Within a campaign, we have the ad set. A campaign can feature multiple ad sets, and each ad set can have its own budget and scheduling criteria. You might use different ad sets to target different audiences. For example, you could create an ad set to target buyers and another to target sellers. Within the ad set, you can have multiple advertisements. All of the advertisements will inherit the targeting from the ad set and the objective from the campaign. You can have multiple ads in an ad set, and you'll use an ad to control things like the image, the link, or even the message you're sharing.

Let's walk through a scenario to provide some additional context. Let's say that Bob the agent is trying to grow his business. He might have two different objectives. The first is designed to get buyers and the second to target potential sellers. Bob should create a campaign for each objective. Then Bob should create different ad sets. For example, he can create one designed to build referrals among people he already has a relationship with and another to establish new relationships with potential clients. There are many directions you can go with this.

Then Bob should create the actual advertisements in each ad set, and they should be customized to each audience. He can try a few images to see which ads work best, maybe use a logo in one ad and a photo of a property in another. He can run both of those ads side-by-side and see which performs better.

For the most part, Facebook will be guiding you through creating the campaign, so you won't really be manually setting up this structure until you start exploring more advanced ad creation techniques. This makes it much easier to execute than it may seem at first.