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Kandyce Ellis, DREI, CDEI

Kandyce Ellis, DREI, CDEI

If you are struggling to study, it may not be your fault!

My goal is to help you conquer whatever may be holding you back from a passing score. I specialize in helping students evaluate their current study skills and create customized study plans for more effective learning. I recognize every student learns in their own way and at their own pace, so every 1-on-1 session is customized to fit you. I have helped hundreds of students overcome obstacles like fear of math, testing anxiety, and that dreaded sense of being overwhelmed by so much information.

Passing your real estate licensing exam can be challenging, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun! Those fancy letters after my name DREI (Distinguished Real Estate Instructor) and CDEI (Certified Distance Education Instructor) are the evidence of almost two decades of being a student of learning how to best explain, entertain, and motivate YOU!

Maria Center

Maria Center

I’ve found that real estate students struggle most with “decoding” the exam questions. Students often ask for help understanding exactly what the question is asking. They also want to know how to apply the vocabulary they are learning.

My teaching style is conversational – I believe in breaking down the question components, so you understand not just which answer is right, but why. The key to passing the exam is understanding the materials in a way that you can relate to and remember, and our tutoring session will focus on this learning goal.

I’ve worked with students from more than 23 states to help them prepare for their real estate exam, and students always tell me they feel like they are the only one who is struggling to feel confident about the exam. Of course, the truth is they are not alone in those feelings! The tutors at PrepAgent are here to help you build confidence and ace your exam!

I currently work as the Principal Broker at Nestiny Realty in Cincinnati, Ohio. I’m a licensed real estate broker in Ohio, Florida and Alabama and a licensed real estate instructor in Florida. I look forward to helping you prep for success!

Stuart Jacobson

Stuart Jacobson

Thank you for having an interest in taking a private lesson with me. You will find that private sessions will be a big help to you and money well spent! The test is very difficult, and I know the anxiety that comes along with studying, and preparing for the test.

In our 1-on-1 session, it is my goal to give you a custom tailored experience. You will not only get tailored study help but we will go over questions, and analyze your approach to answering them. I look forward to seeing you in our session.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sign up?

Click the "Schedule Your Session" link above to see availability and payment options.

How do I know if my session was successfully scheduled?

You will see a confirmation once you have scheduled your session. In addition, you will receive an email confirmation. If you do not receive these, your session was not scheduled.

How much are private lessons?

Please click on "Schedule Your Session" to see current rates. Tutoring fees are non refundable unless a 48 hour notice is given.

What material will you cover?

First we get to know you, your struggles, and study habits. We will then discuss particular tips, tricks, and also review material you are struggling with. Instructors have a well balanced knowledge. We recommend that your session focus on national material unless you have spoken with us ahead of time. Keep in mind that a lot of the tips, and study tricks we teach you will be applicable to your state portion of the exam.

What if I need more sessions or more time than the 1 hour?

You can schedule multiple sessions if you would like more private tutoring. However, please note that the sessions will need to be broken up and cannot be booked back-to-back. We have found that sessions longer than 1 hour are not as efficient or beneficial.

I have some questions about private lessons before I sign up, how do I get in touch with you?

Use the "Contact" button above next to the instructor's name to contact them directly with any questions you may have.


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