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Contract Basics NEW

Listings NEW

Stigmatized Property NEW

Adding Education to LinkedIn NEW

When Should You Send E-Mails to Your List? NEW

Agency Basics NEW

What Makes a LinkedIn Profile Great? NEW

Functional Obsolescence NEW

Emblements NEW

What Is a License? NEW

Federal Law NEW

Appurtenances NEW

Understanding Ad Types NEW

Essentials of a Valid Contract NEW

Puffing NEW

Pick Your Colors Wisely NEW

Earnest Money Deposits NEW

Forms of Ownership NEW

Option Contract NEW

Types of Loans NEW


Valid, Void, and Voidable NEW

Easement in Gross NEW

Less Than Freehold Estate NEW

Freehold Estate NEW

Implied Easement NEW

Express Easement NEW

Government Powers NEW

Principal and Client NEW

Zoning NEW

Sherman Antitrust Laws NEW

Truth in Lending NEW

Fair Housing NEW

Attorney-In-Fact NEW

Eminent Domain NEW

Land Contract NEW

Executed and Executory NEW

Implied Contract NEW

Bilateral vs Unilateral NEW

Property Management NEW

Perfectionists Are Procrastinators NEW

Podcasting... Yes Please! 5 Reasons to Podcast NEW

Which Way Is Up? Making Sense of Social Media Marketing NEW

Do You Really Know What LinkedIn Is? NEW

The Courage to Get Started NEW

Selling Through Teaching NEW

5 Tips for Turning Friends Into Fans NEW

Why Use Social Media As a Real Estate Agent? NEW

The Emotional Aspects of Working On Your Own NEW

Showing a Little Bit of Love Goes a Long Way NEW

Get House Listings Through Blogging NEW

Know Your Audience NEW

Encroachment NEW

8 Rules for Posting on Facebook as a Realtor NEW

Subdivisions NEW

Principle of Contribution

Prescriptive Easement

A few basic tips for Facebook


4 steps for laying down the foundation of your real estate

Hyphenate my domain for my real estate web site?

15 things to think about when you looking for a broker to work for.

Why use a facebook business page as a real estate agent?


4 ways to lay the foundation to your new career in Real Estate

Do not dismiss the power of a post card

Government Survey System, Sections and townships

The difference between Fraud & Misrepresentation

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange

Real Vs Personal Property

Facebook for business information page

Introducing Facebook Ads

Bundle of Rights

Understanding ad structure

Using Ads Create tool

Adding basic information to your linked in Profile

OR EE rule

Title insurance

Choosing your creative

Preparing your materials

Setting up your linked in account

The importance of laying out your strategy

Building a online brand strategy

The LinkedIn interface

managing placement

Subordination vs Subrogation

identifying your primary audience


Refining your audience with behavior targeting

deciding on a budget

13 Refining your audience with behavior targeting

finalizing the campaign

promoting your page

Managing your ads

Creating a similar ad

Working with skills and endorsements

Entering custom sections

Accessing reports

Email Scripts That Work

boosting your post

Easement by Necessity

Is baiting people to click on your Facebook posts a good idea?


Add a subscribe button to your youtube videos!

Ready for the 2016 tax season?

Twitter Hashtags Made Easy

Economic Obsolescence

What is an agent?

Assume vs Subject to

Principle of regression & progression

Effective Age vs Economic Life


Primary Market

Loan Terms

4 points for starting a blog before and after you have passed.

How to Write a Kick-Ass Email Subject Line

Market Data Approach

Steps in the appraisal

Principle of Substitution


Physical Deterioration

Principle of change

Promissory Note

Cost (replacement) approach

Principle of Conformity

Targeting on Facebook

Types of Fraud

What exactly is a mortgage?

Types of listings

Principle of Highest and Best Use

Servicing a loan

Types of Leases

Appraisal Approaches

Dual Agency

Loan Clauses

What is better? to Blog or to have Facebook?

Conventional Loans

Writing Content

Water rights

I passed, so what now?

Government Power

Wrap around Loan

Capitalization (income) Approach

10 easy Steps to building your real estate business on Youtube.


Why market online?

Trust Deed

Gross Rent Multiplier

Refining your audience with interest targeting


Secondary Market