Here are some quick tips to help you post effectively on Facebook!

1. Review the performance of your posts.Monitor your Page Insights to better understand the profile of your audience and see what is working best to engage them.

2. Use engaging images and videos.
You are selling real estate, and more importantly, you are selling yourself. If you do not have pictures of your properties, then smile for the camera and post a picture of yourself. Rich media like photos and videos will get more attention and help your message stand out in Facebook's news feed. Use quality and relevant images, like property photos or you with a happy client.

3. Keep text short; remember we all have short attention spans.
Be succinct and conversational, and keep your real estate posts short whenever possible. Posts with 100-250 characters will get more interaction.

4. Post daily at the same time.
You want to post at the same time every day. Posting every day may seem like a lot, but if it is at the same time every day, it is much less spammy. People will expect and hopefully even start to look for your content. If it is chaotic and random, it will seem unorganized and unprofessional. Manage your time by scheduling your posts in advance to appear at a later date and time. You can schedule posts up to 6 months in advance in 10-minute intervals.

5. Be timely.
Your audience will be most likely to engage with your posts if you create content that is top-of-mind, such as current events, holidays, or recent news. This should be no problem for as you a real estate agent, as prices are always changing. Every week you can post the average price of sale for your area.

6. Provide access to exclusive information.
Reward people who are connected to your Page for their relationship, and provide them with exclusive information such as property information and community updates.

7. Target your posts.
To make sure only the most relevant people see your posts, target your Page posts. Click the Public dropdown to limit your post's audience or click the target symbol in your Page's sharing tool to add news feed targeting. For example, you can limit your post by region.

8. Ask questions.
People stare at you when you talk at them; people respond when you talk to them. Engage your audience in a two-way conversation and show you value their ideas by posting questions to get feedback and ideas. Make them feel like their opinion has value. Doing this will make them feel like they are on your side and want to see you succeed.

Use these 8 rules as a guideline for effectively marketing your real estate business on Facebook. And don't forget to keep it concise, and keep it simple.