Adding Education to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is all about connections. What better connection than somebody you went to school with? Even if you do not know you went to school with them, sharing that background with somebody will really help you make an emotional connection.

You'll notice that at the very top of your profile you have this little button that says Add Education. Adding education gets seven times more profile views!

In this case, I can add education from where it says "education", and I can simply click "add school". Either place will take you to the same destination. Here, underneath the school section, I can start to type out the name of my school. As I do that, the list will populate with what LinkedIn might be the schools I have attended. As I continue to type it out, LinkedIn may not have my school on file. That's perfectly OK. All I have to do is type it in, and everyone else who has attended this college will do the same thing, making this a searchable term.

For the dates attended, I'll simply drop this down. I'm going to say that I graduated in 1994. Which means if we're on a four-year timeline, that I started school in 1990. Aging myself here! 
Then I'll add degree-Bachelor's Degree. Field of study will be real estate.

You do not have to enter your grade! But if you got a 4.0, tell the world about it.

You can also add things like activities and societies. The more things you can put to connect with other people, the better. Remember LinkedIn is all about connections!

 You can also add a description if there's any other relevant information about your college experience. Then you click save.

If I went to school for anything else, maybe for a Masters or a doctorate, I could certainly add those by adding an additional entry, much the same way I would an extra position in of my work experience tab. Do not take for granted your high school education. Who knows what the alumni from your childhood are doing now?

As you can see, it's pretty easy to start adding sections to your LinkedIn profile. Many real estate agents get caught up in advanced advertising techniques and completely overlook the most basic building blocks, like work experience and education. I cannot tell you that doing this will get you a million dollar listing. But this is one of the things where if you do not have it properly filled out, you may not be taken seriously in real estate.