Creating a Similar Ad

As you continue to advertise on Facebook, you'll likely start to find the right blend of creative and targeting that achieves your desired result. It's at this point you'll want to expand your targeting or try variations of ads that work. The easiest way to do is by using the create a similar ad option within Facebook. By using the create a similar ad option, you'll save yourself a lot of effort. When you create a similar ad, you are basically copy-and-pasting your existing ad. From there, you can make the necessary tweaks and publish it as a new ad. You can copy an ad that is currently running or even one that you've paused.

Once you've found the ad, select the link to open the edit window. In the center, under Ad Preview, you can click Create Similar Ad. At this point, Facebook is going to open up the Ad Create tool and automatically fill it out with the existing options of the previous ad. It also might give you a warning at the top to let you know that it's using the same settings as a previous ad. And that's OK, because your plan is to change a few things to tweak the performance. You can scroll down and make the changes, just as you did when we first learned about the Ad Create tool. Once you're finished, your ad will again be submitted for review by the Facebook ads team, and you can stop your original ad if you no longer want it to run on Facebook.

Using the create a similar ad tool will save you time and eliminate errors, as opposed to creating new ads entirely from scratch.