Do You Really Know What LinkedIn Is?

LinkedIn is the world's largest online social network for professionals. It offers tools specifically designed to help you find a job, promote your business, identify key opportunities, and build and maintain professional relationships. It is absolutely perfect for real estate agents. If you are a real estate agent and do not have a LinkedIn profile, then you can't really say you are serious about this business.

When you create a profile on LinkedIn, you're essentially building a digital resume. This resume allows you to feature your experience, link to your work, and secure recommendations from colleagues. Once you're set up on LinkedIn, you'll begin to build connections, and those connections are instrumental in expanding your network. We have all heard "It's not what you know, it's who you know." That is especially true when you are selling to a community, as with real estate. Your LinkedIn connections can open those doors, no pun intended!

Think of it like going to a traditional networking event and bringing with you a group consisting of every person you have done business with. If you meet a person you want to network with, and they recognize somebody in your group, they're more likely to engage you. The way this translates to LinkedIn is called degrees of connectivity. Your immediate contacts are your 1st-degree connections. Their immediate connections become your 2nd-degree connections, and so on, to provide you with three degrees of connectivity. LinkedIn boasts over 200 million users, and as such, the entire network benefits from LinkedIn's credibility.

LinkedIn is often the first result when you search for a professional. I'll demonstrate this by searching for myself in Google. As you can see, LinkedIn pops up first. This also highlights an important reason to develop a LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile will show up ahead of any real estate profile, listing page, or website you may have. Joining LinkedIn will enable you to build a digital resume and establish long-lasting networks to guide you toward your professional goals, which are meeting more people and making more connections, resulting in more sales.