Entering Custom Sections

As we know, there are a lot of real estate agents out there. And you are probably not the first one to use LinkedIn. So let's add some things that will make you special.

Scroll down a bit on the profile page and take a look at the section right here. For the most part, LinkedIn has been guiding us through these, saying, add things like skills, or education, or work experience. However, if you click this View More link, you're going to see that there are several other sections you can add to your LinkedIn profile. For instance, you can add things like languages, volunteering experience, honors and awards, test scores, courses, causes you care about, supported organizations, and a whole lot more.

You can even add certificates of completion that you get from organizations such as the board of realtors. Now, if I want to add one of these sections to my profile, it's actually very easy to do. Let's add languages, for instance. As a real estate agent, it is important to let people know if you can speak another language, as it will give you a broader customer base, make you look more cultured and more educated, and also act as a great conversation topic.

When I add languages, it's going to say English, native or bilingual proficiency. You can also change it to elementary, limited but working, professional working, full professional proficiency, or native or bilingual.

Let's add in something like Spanish, and for proficiency we'll choose full professional proficiency. Once again, you can write things in if they are not there. I like to be a little bit witty so people know I have a sense of humor, so I am going to add "love" and set it at limited proficiency.

Then at the bottom, I'll click Save, and that section is automatically added to my profile, making it super easy for me to customize the look and feel of my profile with a lot of different pieces of content. I highly recommend that you go through all these different areas, read what they are and how they work, and start adding some of this information to your profile. Remember, you need to be able to set yourself apart! This is a great place to do that.