How to Write a Kick-Ass Email Subject Line

Email marketing is one of the cheapest ways you can reach current and potential home buyers, but getting them to open your email isn't as easy as you might think. With an increasing amount of email pouring into your clients' inboxes daily, it's more important than ever to know what type of subject line will grab their attention. Follow these tips to boost your email open rates immediately.

Be straight and to the point
People are busier than ever and inundated with email. They don't have time for vague or mysterious subject lines. Your subject line should be brief and summarize exactly what they need to know. Do you have a great property about to be listed? Are you sending a monthly newsletter or statement? Is there a sweet open house coming up? Be straightforward and tell them in the subject line! Additionally, if a response is needed, indicate this in the subject line so the reader knows it's important to open it.

Be brief
Most inboxes have room for 60 subject line characters, while most mobile phones show only 25 to 30 characters. An analysis by MailChimp concluded that subject lines should ideally be 50 characters or less unless it's a highly-targeted campaign email. Aim for six to eight words max. Save space by eliminating fillers like "hello" and "thanks". Important tip: Put the most important words first since the rest of the subject line might be cut off for mobile users.

To personalize or not to personalize?
While using the customer's name in the subject line has resulted in increased open rates for some businesses, MailChimp's analysis found that it doesn't help significantly. However, localization-using the customer's city name-does help with open rates. There is no better industry to incorporate this than real estate. As the old saying goes, "Location, location, location."

Be smart with the From line
This works in tandem with the subject line. It should be clear who you are, and should be consistent across your emails. If you are clear about who you are in the from line, you may not need to waste space with your company name in the subject line.

What to avoid
- Don't use words in all caps.
- Note that the word "free" can work, but it can also trigger spam filters, so you risk your readers never seeing your message.
- MailChimp found three words that aren't spam triggers but have proven to negatively affect open rates: help, reminder, and percent off.

Here are some good and bad examples:

- Joe, your September estimate of your home's value is ready
- Get the Most Value out of your home, find out how
- New Homes in Pleasanton Just for You! Could be gone in 24 hours

- Hello, Free Comparative Market Analysis
- Don't worry, be happy. Real Estate is on the rise and I look forward to working with you soon
- Fall in Love with owning real estate, Thanks for reading