Podcasting... Yes Please! 5 Reasons to Podcast

5 Reasons to Podcast
1. Some of us suck at writing but have a gift for gab.
2. That personal touch.
3. It is tailored to today's devices such as smartphones.
4. It will grow your email list, your audience, your influence, and your leads.
5. It allows you to convey your personality in a much stronger way than is possible through the written word.

Do you listen to podcasts? Have you ever listened to podcasts? Have you recorded your own podcast? Are you planning to do so soon? 
If you did not answer yes to one of those questions, you are way behind the times. And chances are so is your method of marketing yourself and educating yourself in real estate.

Don't feel bad! We can get you up to speed before people realize that you are Fred Flintstone.
 A podcast is essentially a radio show that is specifically tailored to your needs. Do not make it more complicated than that. It can be a way to get educated, to hear people's opinions, or to just listen to some witty banter.

So why should somebody in real estate podcast?

Podcasts are portable-and because of their portability, they're more personal. YouTube is great for online marketing, but it's not conducive to consuming on-the-go-while running, exercising, driving, etc. It blows my mind that some real estate agents still rely on mailings. Sure, blogging is a great way to get your ideas into the world. But let's be honest here-most of you are like me and only skim blogs.

But with podcasts you can't really "skim"-the headphones are on your head, and the listener and podcaster are connected on a more personal level.

This is why you're seeing top-producing agents embracing podcasts recently. Because a lot of people are listening, and listening a lot. Everybody knows they should do it, but almost nobody does. This is not up for debate: podcasting is a good thing. Three percent of real estate agents are currently using podcasting in their marketing strategy. However, 30% have a desire to learn how to use podcasting in their marketing efforts, and 20% have plans to increase their podcasting activities in. The other 47% are still learning how to open their email.

Get started today!