Promoting Your Page

If you are looking for a simple way to start promoting your page, mainly as a means of generating more fans and exposure for your content, a way to do this can be found directly on your Facebook business page. I'm already here on the Bob the agent page. On the left-hand sidebar, as I scroll down, under the number of page likes you'll see an option labeled Promote Page. This option may be in a different section of your page, but I can assure you that it is there.

Regardless of where you find the Promote Page option, the dialog that appears will be the same. So I'll go ahead and click the button. Once the Promote Page window appears, you'll see similarities to the Ad Create tool. This is essentially a miniature version of that section, except we've got our predefined objective, to get more page likes. Facebook automatically generates a preview of your advertisement, and it does this by pulling the cover photo for your page along with the information you've included in the About section. If you want to change your image, you can upload an image and reposition it here. But you will not be able to search for a stock image like you can in the Ad Create tool.

You will notice that there is a big red triangle with a exclamation point that says "create your ad". Personally, I think the red triangle is a bit dramatic, as all they want you to do is put some wording in the text box. So let's do that. "I am a good agent." And the big scary triangle is gone.

Now, within this tool, you may have already noticed that you do not have as much creative control. If you want to have more control in order to modify placements, the image assets, or even the copy, you can click the gear icon on the bottom left and choose Advanced Options to continue on into the Ad Create tool. Now you can also remove a placement after the ad is launched by using the Manage Ads tool. I will talk more about the Manage Ads tool in a later video. Otherwise from here, you would continue on by identifying your audience exactly as we did before in the Ad Create tool. You'll include a location. Select the interests. Define your age. Gender.

Let's scroll down to the budget section, where it says "how much do you want to spend". One thing I want to point out that's different is that in this daily budget window, you'll notice that in the far right it gives you a estimate. What Facebook is saying is that based on the amount you spend per day, we estimate that this many of people will like your page. Now if I go up to the top and change some of the criteria, in this case, let's change the behavior to "recently moved", Facebook is going to change the number of likes that it thinks that you will get per day. Notice how the estimate has changed. You can use this as a guide, but it's definitely not a guarantee.

This is a great tool, but I have found the best way to start getting fans is by using a Get More Page Likes ad. A lot of times, people's friends have similar interests, so that's a quick and less expensive way of starting your fan acquisition. Now if you want to use that method just like I discussed, you'll have to do so using the Ad Create tool and the connection targeting like we discussed in an earlier video. You acquire fans as a hope of getting more people exposed to your content organically.

You don't have to pay for organic page posts. Once someone becomes a fan, your fan base will increase. And the larger your fan base, the greater the likelihood someone interacts with that content. If your objective is to increase the number of fans, this Promote Page option is a fantastic place to get started. Keep in mind that you can also run these same ads from the Ad Create tool. It's a matter of personal preference and how specific you want to be. The outcome can be exactly the same.