Setting Up Your LinkedIn Account

Setting up a LinkedIn profile is much simpler than you think. Let me walk you through it. To begin, we will start by putting in our first and last name. Today I'm signing up as Bob the agent. Now, you might want to think about the name that you use. Bob might go by Bob to his friends but on his real estate promotional material go by Robert. Be sure to pick the right name for your LinkedIn profile. It's a professional social network, so you will most likely want to use your professional name. Then you put in your email address. Your email address can be visible if you want, so you want to pick something that you use professionally. Then we are going to select our password and click join now.

The next screen will ask us for some basic info. I am going to go ahead and put in my zip code. You also have three options as to your current status. You want to put employed. I know there's an option for self-employed, and that technically a real estate agent is an independent contractor in most situations. But we are not talking technicalities here. We are putting what is best to help us network and get leads, so do not check that, and fill in your brokerage as your employer.

For the job title, we can put real estate agent, or you can be creative and put something like Real Estate Dream Catcher. We can change this as we go, and we'll talk about how to select good job titles later. So go ahead and put in something for now.

Then LinkedIn is going to give me an industry drop-down. I'm going to select real estate from this drop-down list. After choosing real estate, select create my profile. LinkedIn is going to ask you to get started by adding your email address. And what it's actually doing is asking you to put in your email so it can import your contacts. It's going to ask you several times throughout the registration process, and I recommend that you skip this step each time. Here's why. You do not want to share your LinkedIn profile until your profile is complete.

Now LinkedIn is going to ask us if we want to fill out our contact information, and I'm going to say skip. As you can see, LinkedIn is now asking to confirm our email address. You are going to get an email asking you to confirm, and once you have created and verified your account, you're on your way to effectively using one of the biggest social media sites for business!