Showing a Little Bit of Love Goes a Long Way

Find a cause in your community, get involved, and promote it on your facebook page ASAP.

So much about being a real estate agent is getting your brand out there. But your brand needs to be more than just "Use me because I am fantastic!" That kind of thing is a dime a dozen in real estate. People want to work with good people.

Like my mother used to say, "If you are funny, make me laugh; if you are handsome, let me see you; and if you are smart, then make me think. Telling me you are funny, handsome, and smart just makes you a jerk."

The same should apply to your real estate business. Positive reviews from your customers will speak to your level of professionalism; posting quality, unique information will show that you are knowledgeable; and posting information to help non-profit/community organizations will speak to your character.

All of these items should be key components of your social media campaign.

When it comes to choosing a good cause, if somebody in your community needs help, you are in a fantastic position to do so. Even the smallest contact list of followers on the page of a real estate agent is much larger than an average person's social media reach. Therefore your ability to promote the cause is much greater.

In this situation, EVERYBODY WINS. However, you have to sincerely care about the cause you are promoting. If you do not, people will see right through it. Therefore DO NOT tie your cause-related post in with a real estate promotion.

Sharing causes you believe in will help build a prospect base that cares about the same things that you do. People who hold the same values as you are more likely to work with you, and you are more comfortable working with them. If you are sincerely pushing a cause because you want to see it succeed, people are more likely to share your post. And, of course, you want as many people to share as possible. By sharing your post they are not only promoting your page but also promoting your character. More shares = more likes = more prospects = sales.

This is a great way to build your brand, grow your database, and most importantly help some great people or a great cause that you care about.