The LinkedIn Interface

Navigating LinkedIn is primarily achieved through the use of the top navigation bar. This area contains links to the most commonly visited sections of LinkedIn. At the top of the screen, you'll notice the LinkedIn logo. At any time, if you want to return to the home screen, which is where we are now, simply click the logo, and you'll be taken there. In the center of the screen, we have the search dialogue. You'll also notice this small drop-down next to the search box. This drop-down gives us several options that will help refine our search. I will talk about these options in a later video.

All the way on the right side of the screen, we have four icons. The first icon looks like an envelope, and that's going to show you your invitations and messages. The second icon, the flag, will show you notifications. Notifications might be updates from your network or interesting articles that you should read. Further along, we have this silhouette of a person with a plus sign. That's where you can add connections. We're going to talk about these icons in a later video as well. All the way to the far right is your account and settings icon, and this is going to have several options within it that you'll use to manage your account. Again, we'll talk about those in a later video.

Just below, you'll notice this dark section, which has several text navigation options. Home, profile, connections, jobs, and interests. When you hover over these, you'll notice that some of them have a drop-down with additional options, and we're going to get into each one of these at a later point as well. One thing that you'll notice as you scroll down the page is that those text links will disappear. If at any time you'd like to get back to them, you can either scroll to the top of the page, or you can move your mouse to the top of the page and that option will return.

Navigating LinkedIn is a fundamental skill, so I encourage you to take a minute to play around with the navigation and familiarize yourself with the various pages.