What Makes a LinkedIn Profile Great?

Your LinkedIn profile is a snapshot of your professional and personal real estate brand. It is a digital advertisement with the sole purpose of promoting you. You want to make sure everything is polished, just as you would with a listing presentation.

If you're looking to jump right in, the simplest way to begin is via the LinkedIn profile wizard. To get there, simply select "profile". When you arrive, you'll notice a blue dialogue box pop up. You can follow the prompts, and you'll be jumping right into LinkedIn.

So, what makes for a great LinkedIn profile?

First, focus on creating authenticity. Make sure you're being true to yourself and honest. Secondly, you'll want to create natural, but attention-grabbing headlines. This means focusing on your successes, not just what you do. We are going to talk more about making a great headline in the future.

Be personal, but professional. I know that this is a professional forum, but you don't want to sound too rigid. Remember that there are many real estate agents on this. Adding a personal touch will separate you from the rest.

Focus on key words. To think about which key words to use, define your goal on LinkedIn. Are you networking with other real estate professionals? Are you looking for leads? Are you trying to connect with other people in real estate to exchange ideas? Try to define a set of key words that someone might search that aligns with your goals.

The last thing: think about some volunteer efforts to include in your profile. This is a great way to help express some of your personality. As a real estate agent, you are likely involved in some community activity. This is a great forum to bring this to light. Paying attention to details like that and building a complete profile will help you stand out within the LinkedIn network.